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Sergio Lub Copper Chain Magnetic Therapy Bracelet 794

Sergio Lub Copper Chain Magnetic Therapy Bracelet 794
Item# Sergio794
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Product Description

This Sergio Lub style #794 Copper Chain handmade copper magnetic bracelet has two rare earth magnets and is made of pure metals. No plating is used and it is Made in USA. It is about .40" wide.

Product Reviews for Sergio Lub Copper Chain Magnetic Therapy Bracelet 794

Sergio Lub Copper Chain Magnetic Therapy Bracelet 7945Anthony GerasimowiczAugust 22, 2014I've been into the Copper/Magnetic therapy bracelets for about 7 years now and I'll tell you that if you have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (as in my case mild arthritis, too) PLEASE do yourself a favor and skip the painful EMG studies, the corticosteroid injections and the annoying surgeries that only last a few years for a lot of people. I had exhausted steroid injections to both wrists and was due for surgery on both wrists with a diagnosis of "severe impairment" on the very uncomfortable nerve conduction study, and I was also told 'surgery would probably have to be repeated down the road'. Damn... well I tried copper and magnets on a whim and all I can say was I was amazed. Then when I found out the best results come from 99.9% pure copper and magnets I turned to Sergio Lub's "794" hefty copper "soldered links" bangle as I call it. I use to wear it on both hands but actually found out I could manage my pain wearing it on my non-dominant right even though I'm a lefty. It's like systemic relief, not just locational! Get this, too. I bought my original two Sergios 794's here (and other models since) and when a magnet finally came off on one of my bracelets they kindly directed me to Sergio Lub as it was well over a year. While Sergio's sent replacement magnets out in a heartbeat they forgot any directions or instructions for placing them, so I emailed them and didn't hear anything until 2 weeks later when a Brand New $70 Copper Chain Link Bangle came in the mail because "they were very sorry I was inconvenienced but the person I had been in communication with who sent me the magnets was on Vacation those 2 weeks". Talk about class A+ business. I won't buy anything but the best to prevent that constant nightly waking to numbness, burning and throbbing CTS pain, and the best is their Sergio Lub 99.9% pure copper + magnet bracelets. I'm a Registered Nurse and I ride a nice big Harley Davidson so I have to have steady precise hands for a living. Seriously! Ante up $60 or $120 and watch the pain mellow away :)
Sergio Lub Copper Chain Magnetic Therapy Bracelet 7945bobby mcfallDecember 13, 2013I have been wearing a copper magnetic bracelet for about a year, and it does help my arthritis in my thumb joint. It was a cheaper bracelet and the magnets rusted out. This seems to be made much better than my old one and fits and looks great. I'll see how the magnets hold up, but I am very happy with the quality of the piece.5 stars all the way!
Sergio Lub Copper Chain Magnetic Therapy Bracelet 7941gkApril 28, 2013The braclet looks as pictured and fits fine. I have worn it for a month and notice no difference in the arthritis pain In my back and neck. For me it is ineffective. Reply bu MJS: Have you read the included info? Try on each wrist. Give a break and try again.
Sergio Lub Copper Chain Magnetic Therapy Bracelet 7945K. B.January 5, 2013Bought this for my husband. He loves it - wears it constantly. Received product quickly even though I ordered during the Christmas rush! Love this product - love this company!!
Sergio Lub Copper Chain Magnetic Therapy Bracelet 7945TimDecember 28, 2011I purchased this for my self. I wanted a bracelet that was masculine (I'm 6'1'', 235 lbs). I did not want some dainty bracelet. I am very pleased with the look and size of this bracelet. It looks like a mans bracelet and I wear it all the time.
Sergio Lub Copper Chain Magnetic Therapy Bracelet 7945Nancy HooverAugust 18, 2011You rate 5 out of 5 stars all the way .... from ordering, receiving in record time & the quality of the merchandise. The recipients were very pleased.
Sergio Lub Copper Chain Magnetic Therapy Bracelet 7945Tony G.September 15, 2010A perfect men's bracelet. Excellent quality. Heavy but not too heavy. Bends easily to put on but will not bend or become maladjusted with daily wear. Didn't wear mine in the shower at 1st but Sergio recommends wearing them 24/7. More expensive than any copper bracelets I've owned in the past but as the saying goes, you get what you pay for. These copper bracelets were definitely worth the investment. I've been using copper/magnetic bracelets to belay carpal tunnel surgery on both wrists now for close to 3 years. I've gone from unbearable pain waking me up every night to just an occasional flare up. I'm a copper & magnetic therapy believer. The MagneticJewelryStore were fabulous. Excellent and prompt help and advice with sizing and extra item description. Thanks :)
Sergio Lub Copper Chain Magnetic Therapy Bracelet 7945KeithAugust 20, 2010I've never been a "bracelet guy" but I'm officially converted after buying this Sergio copper chain. I emailed MJS and Bob gave me some recommendations. He said that he owned this one, so I gave it a try. First, my wife finds it very manly, so that would ordinarily be enough for me right there. Also, it is a work of art. You can see that it is handmade. Sophisticated and not cheap looking. This bracelet has some weight, but I actually find it more comfortable than some of the smaller copper bracelets that I tried. Hard to explain, but I also like that it is flattened out a little bit--not too thick or high on your wrist. Besides looking good, I like that it may have some medicinal value for some wrist and shoulder pain, even if it is the placebo effect. It is definitely worth the purchase price. This was my first purchase with MJS, and I was very pleased overall. Seems like a real customer service-focused business. I like their free shipping and reasonable return policy (you've got nothing to lose to try it yourself!); plus a great inventory--I'll be back again. Thanks! Keith
Sergio Lub Copper Chain Magnetic Therapy Bracelet 794 - 4.5 rating (based on 8 reviews)

Sergio Lub Copper Chain Magnetic Therapy Bracelet 794

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