10 Ways to Embrace Self Improvement

It's so easy to get lost in the hustle and bustle; especially with everything that is going on in 2020. Magnet Jewelry Store is here to remind you that if you make yourself a priority, everything else will fall into place.

So, here are our 10 tips to help you with self-improvement: Physically:

1. Exercise. You've probably heard this one a time or two, but exercise is very important for improving your body's physical health. When you exercise, the body releases endorphins that help with your mood and stress. Exercise also aids in cardiovascular and respiratory health. Experts suggest finding an activity that you love and trying to do it daily. If you can't make it to your favorite physical activity, remember you can always find alternatives in your day to day life. Try walking or biking instead of driving, or take the stairs whenever you can. Remember if you over do it, we have magnet therapy shoe insoles to possibly assist with any foot pain. See our Insoles here.

2. Get Outside The summer is coming to an end here soon. While the weather is still beautiful, get outside! Sunlight is full of vitamin D and can increase levels of serotonin in your brain. Vitamin D is a contributor to a healthy immune system and bone growth. An increase in serotonin in the brain can lead to a happier, more focused you. Recent studies by Harvard Health. even demonstrated that spinal surgery patients experienced less pain, stress, and took fewer medications through recovery if they were exposed to natural light.

3. Eat a nutritious meal. We've all heard the term, "You are what you eat." There's no better way to focus on improving your physical health than by eating nutritious foods. What you put into your body will serve as nourishment for everything; especially your brain. Carbs when not overdone, actually increase serotonin in your brain and help you relax. Also, don't forget to load up on Omega-3 rich foods like nuts and fish for more brain power. Power up your brain even further with protein. Foods that have a lot of protein are shown to help you stay alert and awake. Lastly, add a little extra vegetables and fruit to your plate to help the structure strength of your cells and further brain function. Mentally:

4. Give Yourself a Compliment and Show Gratitude Psychologists indicate the way you think about yourself greatly affects the way you feel. No brainer, right? Well, the outlook you have on yourself and your life actually changes your perception and the overall way you see life events. Try giving yourself daily compliments and affirmations to improve your mental health. Also, by having a sense of gratitude you can change your perception. Many experts recommend keeping a list of positive affirmations and a list of things you're thankful for daily. Making these a part of your daily routine, will soon make it engrained in your psyche and easier to muster on harder days. Focus on the good things in your life and the rest will follow.

5. Challenge Yourself We are all born with specific talents and strengths, and while it's important to nurture what you're good at, it's also very important to challenge yourself. Challenging yourself helps with personal growth, getting you out of your comfort zone, and building confidence. If you're not challenging yourself, you're not growing. You're not taking the opportunity to find out your true potential. Each challenge is a chance to master something new, and build the confidence that you have the ability to do it next time.

6. Be Mindful Mindfulness also known as meditation can be very helpful with improving your mental health. There's been a recent surge in popularity in the past 10 years or so. Mindfulness was first used as a practice by Buddhist monks over 2,600 years ago. Now modern mental health sees it as a key player in therapy and treatment. Mindful practices have been scientifically shown to increase regulation of your mood, decrease stress, and help combat mental illnesses like anxiety and depression. The practice of meditation tends to bring about concentration, calmness, and clarity to your mind. Emotionally:

7. Share Something Emotionally Deep with Someone You Care About At times, it's appropriate to grab a box of tissues and get emotionally deep with someone you care about. Having the distinct feeling of having your emotions validated by someone close to you helps your brain release oxytocin and foster relationships. Oxytocin also aids in solidifying emotional memories and getting rid of stress. You can even flip the conversation around and listen to someone else's woes. Building empathy is another important building block of self-improvement.

8. Give Back Have you ever had the warm and fuzzes after volunteering, donating, or giving of yourself? We all have! Scientific research explains that by helping others your self- esteem actually improves! Being kind is a great way to enrich your life and the community around you. Especially right now we all could use a little kindness. So, embrace self-improvement by giving back and being kind.

9. Take a break. There are moments in all our lives where we want to throw the computer across the room or just give up. Instead, we recommend taking a break! Step away, recover from the stress. This can actually improve your job performance. If you have a moment to step away you're restoring energy, lowering the cortisol in your brain, avoiding sleep disorders, and negative cardiovascular effects. You can even use the mindfulness tip above to orchestrate deep breathing and refocus your psyche. This tip is so important because with everything going on it can be easy to get overwhelmed. Put yourself first and take a break!

Magnet Jewelry Store is focused on your well-being! We care for the entire individual and want to see happier, healthier customers. We believe that magnets may be beneficial for some. With the help of magnets and these 10 tips to embrace self-improvement! We believe this will be your best month yet! Click here for important information regarding magnets.