About Us

At MAGNETJEWELRYSTORE we offer a large selection of quality magnetic jewelry and therapy products. We are happy to offer copper and stainless steel magnetic bracelets, made to order hematite magnetic jewelry, magnetic rings, wraps, anklets, and necklaces.

We proudly offer our own exclusive line of high power magnetic hematite bracelets, anklets, and necklaces. Our hematite jewelry is made to order just for you. We are not like most other sellers that only offer very cheaply pre-made low power magnetic hematite jewelry.

We believe in magnets and care about our customers. We were 1st personally introduced to magnetic therapy when our Dad, who had been a mason his whole life, needed both knee's replaced. After the surgery and rehab he was having a lot of pain. We had heard about magnetic therapy, so we thought why not give it a try? So we found magnet beads, and Lucille made 2 magnetic anklets for Dad. Dad was skeptical, but we made him promise to try. He said if there is a chance they could help, why not try? A few days later Dad called to tell us the magnets were helping his pain and he was feeling better because of them. We were so happy he felt better. We were moved in a profound way.

We then started to research magnetic therapy. Along this journey we found that magnets helped my bad knee and Lucille's tendonitis. We also learned that while magnetic therapy is worn by millions of people for health, not everyone responds the same way and has an experience like Dad did. Many people notice benefit, but not everyone. Proper studies were and still are very limited. This is because typical pain research studies are often done by pharmaceutical companies which do not want to talk about magnetic therapy for obvious reasons. Since the beginning, we have been told many times by our customers that their pharmaceutical needs lessened after using magnetic therapy and consultation with their doctors. The studies we found suggested that people may benefit from magnetic therapy.

Our research and personal experiences helped us to decide that we wanted to help others with magnetic therapy, and MAGNETJEWELRYSTORE was born.

We now have great joy when we hear our customers tell us happy stories about their experience with our magnetic jewelry and products. Please use our contact page to tell us about your experience with magnets and our products.

See our testimonials page to see what some of our customers say about their experience with our products. You can also read product reviews on many product pages.

We care very much about your satisfaction and happiness. If you ever are not completely satisfied please tell us right away! We will process your order promptly and guarantee you will receive your order.
The products we sell should only be used by adults and are not toys and should be kept from children and pets and kept whole and complete as sold and not as loose or detachable components.

If you have any questions, please click to our contact page and drop us a note or give us a call.

Warm Regards

Ambrose & Lucille & Bob