Hematite Magnetic Necklaces

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Browse our exclusive collection of made to order high power hematite magnetic therapy necklaces. Our magnetic necklaces are made with high power hematite magnets, super strong stainless steel jewelry wire, and either high power 5000 gauss magnetic clasps or stainless-steel lobster clasps. The lobster clasp necklaces are more suitable to getting wet than the magnetic clasp styles. We also have stainless steel magnetic necklaces which are a great choice if you wish to bathe or swim with your necklace on. You can choose a basic hematite magnetic necklace, but we've also coupled this mineral with colorful natural stones like garnet, malachite, tiger's eye, amethyst, turquoise, rose quartz, red coral, and gold stone (made from copper). We have quite the selection so you can pick and choose based on your personal taste or the preference of a loved one. We make most of our magnetic necklaces to order so you are sure to get the size you need. You can wear your magnetic necklace as a shorter necklace, medium size, or long. We do not suggest wearing magnetic clasp necklaces as a choker. Our necklaces are subtle enough to be worn under high collar shirts without notice. Or, if you want to make a fashion statement, these go great with any outfit - casual or formal. We guarantee your satisfaction!