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Shipping & Returns

Shipping Information

We ship with the United States Postal Service. Most orders are processed and shipped within 0(same day) - 2 business days from order date. Made to order hematite jewelry may sometimes take an additional day or two.

Estimated U.S.P.S. delivery time from when an order is shipped is shown below.

We ship in the U.S.A. FREE with U.S.P.S. 1st Class(delivery time about 2-5 Postal Days from ship date), $5 for U.S.P.S. Priority (delivery time about 2-4 Postal Days from ship date) and $25.00 for U.S.P.S. Express(delivery time is 1-2 Postal Days from ship date).

International shipping fee is $10 for U.S.P.S. 1st Class International. Estimated delivery time about 6-15 Days from ship date and can vary based on receiving countries postal service. We ship to the following International locations: Australia, Canada, and New Zealand.

Returns Information

You may return(see below for details) anything you purchase from Magnet Jewelry Store, within 30 days of purchase for a size exchange, or style exchange, or refund. In order to make your gift shopping easier, we are glad to exchange styles and sizes for 60 days from the date of purchase.

If you need assistance or have a problem with your order, please contact us right away so we can help. You can send us a message on our Contact Page.

If you wish to return something, please mail to the address below. Send back to us with a copy of your invoice(or your name, address, and phone number) and a note advising exactly what you wish us to do. Please see below for specific instructions regarding different types of jewelry you may be returning for size or style exchange or refund.

You can find helpful information regarding sizing on our Your Size Page.

If you have link magnetic bracelet(s) or anklet(s) that need to be re-sized we will re-size for you if you send back. If we made a mistake sizing your link bracelet or anklet, let us know right away and before returning, so we can remedy. Please note when ordering we asked for the wrist or ankle size without adding extra(not bracelet or anklet size) and send a bracelet or anklet that is a little larger than the actual wrist or ankle size you chose.

When re-sizing, we cannot make exact sizes and can only add or remove links. You can for example add a note that says, "add or remove a link(or however many is needed)". Ideally link jewelry is comfortable and not too loose or tight. A link bracelet or anklet that is about 1/2" larger than the actual wrist(where the arm meets the hand) or ankle size(just above the ankle bone) is usually ideal. Link jewelry can also be re-sized at most reputable watch repair or jewelry stores for a nominal fee. If the jewelry needs to be made larger and you wish to have done at a watch repair or jewelry store, you can send us a message on our Contact Page requesting additional link(s) and we will send them to you.

To exchange sizes for wire and copper cuff style bracelets, please advise what size you wish. Please refer to the product page to see what other size options are available. Most styles come in a wide range of sizes. Please note that the sizes shown for cuff bracelets are wrist sizes and not bracelet sizes.

For resizing of hematite jewelry see the bottom of this page for more information.

If you wish to change the style of a stainless steel link bracelet or anklet or any cuff style bracelet, please advise what style (give style name or item number) you wish to exchange for. If we have any questions, we will call to confirm.

If you return something for a refund, we do not refund any optional shipping fees that you may have selected when you placed your order. We ship all U.S.A. orders free unless you choose optional expedited shipping at time of ordering.

If you purchased multiple items that offered a quantity discount for a particular item, and you return one or more item(s), but not all items, that result in the multiple quantity discount no longer applying, your refund will reflect the loss of the multiple quantity discount and you will be responsible for the unit price shown at time of purchase for those item(s) you keep.

Our Mailing address is:

Magnet Jewelry Store

672 Dogwood Ave. #335

Franklin Square, N.Y. 11010

Does your Hematite Jewelry Need Re-sizing?

We make our hematite jewelry custom made just for you in the size you ordered. It was not pre-made. If your hematite jewelry does not fit comfortably and needs re-sizing, you can return to have re-made in the size needed. Ideally hematite jewelry should not be too big or too small. Please note when ordering hematite bracelets and anklets, we asked for the wrist or ankle size without adding extra(Not bracelet or anklet size) and send a bracelet or anklet that is about 3/4" larger than the actual wrist or ankle size you choose. In the case hematite necklaces, we do not add extra and make about the actual size chosen. If we made a mistake and did not make as ordered, we are very sorry, and there will be no charge to re-make. If we made a mistake please let us know right away. If we did NOT make a mistake, and you wish to have re-sized, we ask you to include $5 for each item that needs to be re-sized to cover parts and return shipping, but does not cover our time to remake. We do not ask for payment for our time to remake regardless of who made mistake.

If you wish to return hematite jewelry for re-sizing that was not a result of our error: Please include a copy of invoice with your correct phone #, $5 per item, and a note explaining exactly what to do. You can for example say add 1/2" or remove 1/2". Ideally hematite bracelets and anklets should be about 3/4" larger than the actual wrist or ankle size against the skin. You can find helpful information regarding sizing on our Your Size Page.

Please note that we did our best to tell you how to order the correct size. We include sizing information:

1. In the size choice that you chose when ordering which states the approximate final size the item will be. For example: 7" Wrist = Bracelet 7 3/4"

2. In the size help link just above the size options.

3. In our descriptions.

4. On the Your Size Page that is accessible from our web site header, our "Information Center" page, and on main product pages.

5. On our FAQ's Page.

6. On your order confirmation page that was presented to you at time of ordering, giving you the chance to change sizes just ordered.

7. In your order confirmation email that we send at time of ordering giving you the chance to change sizes just ordered.

8. In the Did you order the correct size email that we send at time of ordering giving you the chance to change sizes just ordered.

Returns of custom made to order hematite jewelry for refund

Because our hematite jewelry is made to order, returns for refund of custom made to order hematite jewelry will result in a 25% restocking fee. This applies only to hematite jewelry returned for refund.

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