"Your products have never failed to bring positive results for people we have shared them with for minor aging aches, migraine headaches, or even touch of arthritis. My last testimonial was for a former co-worker (my retired boss) who was complaining of a constant neck ache his wife also chimed in that she had heard of magnet therapy before but never tried it. I assured them your products were the best we had found, a powerful product we have kept in our home for years and have tried other magnets but found them of a lesser quality or power than your jewelry. Within two days of starting to wear your jewelry they called to say they thought they were realizing an improvement in their aging aches. The wife was so thrilled that the jewelry was not only working it was also attractive. You've hit it out of the park with your continued desire to provide the best quality product as a therapeutic option. Thanks also for your continued prompt attention to each order with expedient shipping." - Mary Self, Gardendale AL

"I lost my bracelet I have worn for years. Thinking maybe it really did not matter, within a week hot flashes and shoulder pain were back. I ordered on a Sunday night and arrived in mail Friday. Had back on for a few days and symptoms are already getting better. I cannot tell you how many years it has been since I needed so much as a Tylenol. Some people say it is just mind over matter, if it is I guess it WORKS!! I wear a bracelet on right wrist and anklet on left ankle." - Denise Mabry, Brush CO

"With my hands to the point where I could feel the bones turning in my fingers and had a hard time holding a pen or fork, I decided to give the bracelet a try. Within a week I was already feeling better. My daughter asked if she could try my bracelet for her joints and after 2 days of not wearing it I started to hurt again. She on the other hand felt great! I ordered 2 more - one for each of my wrists and never take them off! Carpal tunnel is gone in my wrists and I have a lot more mobility in my thumbs. My husband even got in on the action and ordered one too. These work so much better than prescription meds. Thank you much!" - Laura L., The Woodlands TX

"I've had my new anklets for about two weeks now and they are wonderful! I wear one on each ankle, I wear them all the time. I suffer from Restless Leg Syndrome and these little gems have made a huge difference. Not only for sleeping but for sitting in a movie theatre, on a plane or just relaxing while reading a book. Thanks so much!!!!" - Kasey C., Montreal QC

"I love the bracelet. I hurt the middle finger on my left hand years ago and as I've gotten older it has gotten worse. The pain kept me from sleeping and even grasping items. When I went for a blood draw I was unable to make a fist. Within a couple of days, I could almost make a fist and now a few days later,I can even do needlework as well as make a fist. The pain is GONE! WOW! I can even stir a batch of chocolate chip cookies. My grandkids are thrilled!" - Thala H., Paulden AZ

"These bracelets are phenomenal. I have a bad knee (need knee replacement), two bad shoulders and arthritis in many of my other joints. I got an anklet for each ankle, and a bracelet for each wrist for the shoulders and they are working. Can't believe it." - Betty M., Cincinnati OH

"The bracelet eliminated my trigger finger. An ankle bracelet on the left leg helped to increase mobility and circulation that was never normal due to several blood transfusions at birth. The leg would fall asleep if I sat for a couple of hours. As a child I could not sit cris-cross with that leg. It has always been considerably larger with less mobility. Both have improved significantly. It is amazing after 56 years of living with this situation." - Jacalyn T. , Hoskins NE

"Bracelet is awesome. I started magnetic therapy for the carpel tunnel in BOTH hands. I can honestly say the carpel tunnel is 100% gone." Mark E., Westminster CO

"Got these magnetic bracelets for my Mother. She is 88 years old and has trouble with her arthritis. Sometimes she couldn't even get out of bed. She can't believe it and says she feels like she is 16 now. She just loves these doubles and says she hasn't felt this good in years." Sandra I., Clinton NY

"More beautiful in person than the picture! Came quickly. This is my 3rd hematite bracelet. Love them all!!! I found if I wear it and only take it off to do dishes & take a shower that I was able to avoid carpel tunnel surgery. I type all day long for 8 hours a day 5 days a week. And to been able to avoid surgery is great for me. I have no pain in my wrists any more. For me, it really does help. And this particular one is so beautiful I get tons of compliments on it all the time when I am in public!" Roxanne F., Auburn Hills MI

"I did some online research about these bracelets and their effects before I decided to purchase one. I found your site along with others. I chose your site because you provided the most information about your products. I ordered 2 different style bracelets as a fashion choice. I received my bracelets yesterday and put both of them on when I opened the package. I slept with them on and woke up this morning without the usual aches and pains. I wasn't expecting to feel any different so soon but I have. I don't care about what I've heard or read about "the placebo effect", my shoulders don't hurt, my back doesn't hurt and I feel good. My future purchases will be just to give me more fashion options. Thank you very much!" - Stanley J., Plant City FL

"I ordered two of your stainless steel bracelets, one for each wrist as I have a lot of pain and swelling of both wrists from years of typing, using computer, crafting and as a dog groomer. I wore them for about a month and noticed less swelling and pain. I then took them off for a week and the swelling and pain returned. I put them back on and within a week my pain and swelling has been reduced. I was to have hand surgery this winter but after my appointment with my hand surgeon, he says that he can see significant less swelling and suggests I continue wearing the bracelets as they have improved the pain and swelling. What I like about your stainless steel ones is that there is a magnet in each link and I don't have to remove them to take a shower so leave them on 24-7. I wear other decorative bracelets and feel they go well with any style. Customer Service and ease in shipping is the best! Thank you!" - Anita B., Newark OH

"Last night was the 4th night I wore my awesome magnetic jewelry to bed and this morning was the first time I woke up with very, very little pain and very little if any stiffness. Always when it rains I suffer greatly, it rained most of the night and I felt fine. I have been suffering with lower back pain to where I was considering having surgery. There were days I just wished to die due to the pain all over from my neck down to the base of my back. I have been racked with pain that I can hardly bear for so long now and to wake up like this today after only 4 days, it is a miracle. Today I feel like a new woman. I am 65 years old next month and I feel 25 today.

I will be ordering more and spreading the word about your company. I know that I will feel pain from time to time but as of today this is wonderful. To not be suffering so much that I just want to die is so wonderful and it means the world to me. I am so glad I found your site and ordered your products and will continue to order from you for years to come. I wish I could afford to order all your styles but I can't. I will buy what I can and give gifts when I can as well." - Thelma C., Orlando Florida

"I bought 2 Waves copper with magnets bracelets and started wearing them on 11/13/2012. Then I switched to the stainless steel with magnets in each link style #24 and have been wearing them since 02/10/2014. Bob, was a tremendous help in making sure I got the proper size. Prior to wearing these bracelets, I had constant pain in my finger joints, shoulder joints and forearms especially after working outside. Two doctor friends of mine and a couple others, recommended trying the copper bracelets or SS with magnets. Two words....They work. Both styles, the copper and stainless steel (not at the same time) stopped the joint pains. I wear them constantly, currently the stainless steel ones and if I take them off for a couple of days, or even a day, the pains return. Some folks might scoff at this, but at least for me, they are fantastic, and they do work. Thanks Magnet Jewelry Store, your products are incredible." - Skip W., Burnside KY

"For anyone that has the onset of fibromyalgia, and it affects the legs and forearms, these bracelets will help with some of the pain. My husband uses his for regular arthritis in his elbow and just aching arm and it helps relieve taking aleve most days. We have been happy with our bracelets and anklets." - Cindy H., Lincoln Arkansas

"The quality and workmanship of this magnetic jewelry from MagnetJewelryStore.com is outstanding. My husband and I bought many pieces and they are all top-notch and absolutely beautiful. Aesthetically, other magnetic jewelry I've seen online and in our local health food stores look like typical (cheap) magnetic jewelry, whereas the items from Magnet Jewelry Store look like jewelry - there is no comparison. When viewed on the body, one would not know they are magnetic. These are quality products that are beautiful-looking accessories on the body.

Most importantly, this company is extremely knowledgeable about polarity and its importance. The jewelry from MagnetJewelryStore.com is the correct polarity. This can't be said for many other companies as I have found some who have no idea what they are selling. Rest assured, MagnetJewelryStore.com does know, and is additionally well-versed on the subject. I thoroughly research before purchasing products, so I feel secure in choosing this company.

Both my husband and I are experiencing good results. My husband had been feeling knee and elbow pain from work exertion which has been relieved. I have noticed that I feel straighter when I stand or walk, whereas I had tended to have a little slouch in my uprightness prior. It just feels different, and in a good way. I also get little periodical cramps in my hand during the day doing extensive computer work, and I find it's disappeared in a very short time of my wearing the jewelry. Magnet Jewelry Store and its owners, are the best of the best. From my contact with them, it is evident that they are ethical, wonderful and responsive people who truly care about their customers. Their customer service is exceptional and bar none. They are the epitome of what a company (and people!) should be. We are extremely pleased and happy customers and trust this company for all our future purchases." Pamela, Watertown CT

"I put my magnetic bracelet on as soon as I got it and in no time it started helping. I just could not believe it. I showed it to my doctor yesterday and as he saw how bad my hand was before, he asked for the name of your website so he could pass it on to other patients. I have been telling everyone how great it is. It really means a lot to me. Thank you so much." - Mary G., Lewisburg PA "I put my magnetic bracelet on as soon as I got it and in no time it started helping. I just could not believe it. I showed it to my doctor yesterday and as he saw how bad my hand was before, he asked for the name of your website so he could pass it on to other patients. I have been telling everyone how great it is. It really means a lot to me. Thank you so much." - Mary G., Lewisburg PA

"I am writing to let you know how much your product has helped me. I purchased a magnetic anklet a month ago. At the time of purchase I was having problems with my hip and my blood pressure was 173/90. Since wearing this anklet, my pressure has dropped to 139/80. Also, my hip pain has subsided tremendously, I am able to wear heels all day with no pain! I am extremely pleased with my anklet. My coworkers see the change in my health and all of them want to purchase your products. I am SO HAPPY to have found your site! Thank you again and again, and may God keep blessing you!" - Patricia Jones, Pennsylvania

"I'm a skeptical 76 yr old with 3 college degrees and severe degenerative arthritis of the left hand, of 7 yrs duration, rendering the hand almost useless, and with daily excruciating pain (lightning flashes). The Dr. and therapy clinic were of no value. Of limited sometimes temporary value were various OTC ointments, Naprosin, pain pills, etc. Most of the time they were useless. I also recently developed Leukemia and Diabetes. I found and bought your copper bracelet and within a very few days it arrived. I wore it immediately and amazingly it relieved the arthritis pain and also afforded me a pleasant night's sleep. As a diabetic I have had to drink constantly and go to the bathroom constantly 24/7. Thus I have had to get up from sleep 4-5 times a night. However, with wearing the bracelet I slept the peacefully the whole night without having to get up. For this I am very, very grateful. Bless you and yours for making an affordable and effective product. I never would have thought it but this magnetic copper braclet really works. No, Im not crazy. It really does work and Im very grateful. Bless you and yours." - Bill Campbell, North Carolina

"I've lived with constant pain for years due to degenerative problems in my spine, nerve damage caused by the shingles, and fibromyalgia. After wearing my stainless link bracelet for only 10 days, the painful numbness, burning and sensitivity in my feet and legs has subsided considerably. My back is so much better, I no longer need to take narcotics for the pain and I'm able to sleep all night for the first time in years. I received my first stainless anklet yesterday and noticed even more relief after sleeping with it on, so I plan to buy another as soon as possible for my other leg. If things continue to improve at this rate, I won't need to use a cane to walk anymore...truly amazing!!! I highly recommend the Magnet Jewelry Store. They pay careful attention to individual sizing, the jewelry is comfortable and well made, and you won't find better customer service anywhere." - Anne, Seattle

"The bracelet was purchased for my wife who suffers with a degenerated disc in her back and arthritis in both her back and neck. She had to roll out of bed in the morning and now feels several years younger with less than half the pain she previously had before wearing the bracelet. We also think the bracelet looks very nice. One was also for our son who has arthritis in his right hand before he started wearing the bracelet he would wake up at night with severe hand pain . Now he tells us that the pain in considerably less." - Harry Lowermilk, South Carolina

"I was so shocked that my bracelet worked and continues to improve my disabled hand. I almost have a complete healing and reuse of my hand. I was unable to move my fingers at all, or bend them to hold anything or carry anything. Now, Ive been without any pain or Rx or otc since I started wearing the magnetic bracelet. I don't understand it; conventional wisdom says magnets don't work; we've been taught all our school years and lives to laugh at those who think magnets are nonsense. And here it works when no Dr and no Rx works. Its not my imagination. Again I thank God for providing the materials and you for making them available." - Blase, N.C.

"I have one of the necklace, bracelet, an anklet, they have helped me a lot had a left knee that hurt so bad I was unable to sleep. Knee has not hurt since puting my jewerly on. Has made a big differance in my life and activites, I can now exercise again without pain." - Gwen G., Indiana

"I am so happy to tell you that your magnetic bracelet has helped me to walk. I had a stroke and other serious health problems. Since the stroke, I was unable to walk straight. But since I have worn your bracelet, my balance has been so much better, I am able to walk straight. It is like a miracle for me." - Nancy Goddard, California

"I've been wearing your magnetic insoles for about 6 months now (just purchased my 2nd & 3rd pair). I have had severe pain and many medical procedures over the last year due to plantar fasciitis & heel spurs. Although some things seemed to help some, nothing was good enough for me to get around on my feet for more than about 30 minutes at a time. Since wearing these insoles (which I wear all of the time when up and in shoes) I am able to walk almost normally for longer periods of time without much, if any, pain. This was a last resort, as my husband scoffed at the idea; however, the insoles have been a big blessing to me!" - Diane Yunk, Oregon

"I am a firm believer in the healing power of magnets, and yours are great.Lately, I have had pain in my hands from doing a lot of driving in my work, so the bracelets I bought from you really help alleviate the pain from gripping the steering wheel. It took about a week for all the pain to go away, but it did and I am so pleased.

I have also sprained both ankles in the past years and as I age, they also hurt, especially due to my work as a pet sitter where I walk a lot of dogs each day and get in/out of my car a dozen times a day. The ankle bracelets I bought from you have taken care of the aches and pains in my ankles and feet too.

My husband had 3 vertebrae fused together after 2 disks burst in his neck 4 years ago. He has had a lot of aches and pains in his neck, especially when the weather changed. So I bought him a necklace about a month ago, and it has helped him tremendously. He wears it all the time now. He also had pain in his left hand and numbness in his thumb from nerve damage due to the burst disks. So I got him a bracelet that has helped with the pain and he has also regained feeling in his thumb.

I can't make any claims about how these magnets work. All I know is that they really DO work, and I'll be buying more. I have referred several people to your website, where they have bought stuff and had good results too. Your prices are great and the free shipping is a nice bonus. Things are delivered promptly too. Thanks for making life less painful and allowing us to be more active again, and without drugs! Yeah! Warm Regards" - Susan Osborne, CT

"I just want to say how happy I am with your product and service. I purchased your bracelet for my husband and he loves the bracelet. Received the exact size he needed in record time. His headaches have diminished and he likes the design of the magnetic bracelet, it's stylish enough to wear for any occasion. Thank you again! " - Mary Pat Cooley, New York

"I got struck by an arrow and it nicked my spinal cord and I have a lot of side effects from it and this bracelet has really worked wonders for me thank you so much." - Garret Stout, West Virginia

"O My Goodness, I have to say I was a little skeptical at first, thinking how can this bracelet possibly make me feel better? I am blown away! I have aches in most of my joints, especially my hips, and my fingers, including one finger that would hurt just touching it and I couldn't bend it as far as the others. I noticed immediate results once I put on my bracelet and ring! I thought maybe it was in my head, but no way. Two weeks later and my joints feel so much better. I do still have some very mild pain occasionally, but let me tell you, it is very tolerable. I can bend my finger, it doesn't hurt anymore.

Last night I took off my jewelry because I was doing some heavy duty cleaning and didn't want to get them wet. I forgot to put them back on, and I sat down to do some work on my laptop and watch a little TV. I was probably sitting for about 40 minutes, and when I went to get up, my hips hurt so bad, just like they always did before. I couldn't believe it. I will never forget again to put on my bracelet and ring. It is amazing the changes it has made in how I feel. I am so happy that I took a chance and bought them. :)" - Morgan McGowan, Nevada

"I purchased the stainless steel magnetic ankle braclet and absolutely love the looks and comfort of wearing it 100% of the time. My arthritis was so bad for 9 months, but now I have NO pain and only once in a great while a little tinge of pain. It saved me from having surgery. That's why I am buying the bracelet to - for preventative medicine. So that I won't get carble tunnel in my wrist. Thank you for an item that does NOT tarnish and works!!!" - Roxanne Fisher, MI

"I am amazed at the results I have felt since wearing these anklets. My feet have hurt constantly for several years. I am only 55, but have arthritis in my feet and have had surgery on my right foot. I was convinced I had to get used to them hurting all the time. Though skeptical, I ordered these magnetic anklets, kind of thinking I would prove to myself they would not make a difference. Was I wrong! I felt a difference within hours! I never take them off except for showering. It is so wonderful to walk without pain." - Marva Craig, Hopkinton, MA

"I love my braclet and will order again if something happens to this one. From 1 to 5, I rate this jewelry a 10. There is nothing to lose but pain. Thank you." - Diane Taylor, Alabama

"I have degenerative disc disease (neck) and your bracelet has been a godsend. I used to be in pain constantly but if I wear your bracelet 24/7, I do not even require medication!" - Joan, Upper Arlington, OH

"I got one of your an ankle bracelets for the arthritis in my foot. OMG how amazing!!! Now that my foot doesn't hurt I stopped taking pain meds!" - Janet Henderson, NV

"Both my husband and I use your magnetic bracelets and anklets. They really help with our arthritis." - Grace Macungie, PA

"The two stainless steel ankle bracelets that you made for me are great. I wear them 24/7 and the knee pain is gone. I will now get 2 for my wrists." - John Bath, PA

"I bought both magnetic anklets for a neighbor with very bad knees. I asked him after two days how they felt...He said, "My knees are still a little sore, but the "pain" is gone!" - Susie, Lafayette, TN

"I work as a paramedic and a few months ago I was in a hospital. One of the doctors was talking about her magnetic bracelet and the healing powers of magnets. I didn't think too much of it at that time. I'm also in the Navy Reserve and train with the Marine Corps. A couple months ago a group of Marines were talking about magnetic bracelets. This group swore they worked wonders, of course many other Marines were skeptics. They stated that they helped with injuries, increased their flexability and enhanced their performance when working out and running.

Recently, while working on the ambulance, I injured my back while lifting a rather large patient. My employer sent me to their work-comp doctor who gave me a large number of muscle relaxers, pain pills and anti-inflammatories and then placed me on light duty. For several weeks I was still having horrible pain that progressed into numbness and tingling down my leg and into my foot. The doctors told me I had sciatica and to take more pain pills! I was desperate for relief. I recalled the talk of the magnetic jewelry and decided to try it. I had nothing to lose! Within 12 hours of wearing the braclet, the intensity of the pain went away. Within 36 hours the pain is all but gone and I was able to stop taking the pain medications. 72 hours later the pain is still all but gone and the numbness-while still there-has decreased signifacantly. I'm still not 100% but I believe the magnetic braclet helped. I'm now afraid to take it off. Thank you!!!" - Richard B., Monrovia, California

"Their magnetic bracelets are great and they really do help! Excellent service & quick shipping!" - Karen, New South Wales, Australia

"Very nice magnet bracelet. I feel better and my computers like me now!" - James, Amargosa, NV

"I have needed a knee replacement for years and have not decided to make that drastic decision. The anklet has taken "most" of the pain away and I am not taking pain pills everyday...Thank you!" - Susie, Lafayette, TN

"Internationals OK...trusted Merchant! Thanks!" - Oscar, Melrose Park, Australia "Thanks, I love the bracelet, and it is a big help for my stiff hands!"- Donna Paradise, CA

"Out of all the transactions I've made on the internet, MagnetJewelryStore.com is the best. The service was personable and the items arrived fast. My husband is a 35 year bricklayer and noticed a difference almost immediately. I will be back for Christmas buying!" - Mary Orland, Hills, Illinois

"This is a jeweler you can trust. Thank you very much." - Rhonda, Los Angeles, CA

"My bracelet looks awesome and works great. I will buy from again." - Terry, Springfield, IL

"Nice magnetic bracelet, and fast delivery." - Ricardo, Madrid, Spain

"Very nice, my hand feels better. I will get more." - Angela, Bronx, NY

"My Bracelet looks like a piece of jewelry, and already works. My grandma loves it! Thank you!" - German, Cordova, TN

"I am enjoying the bracelet and it is helping me very much. Thank you!" - Muata, Savannah, GA

"Excellent customer care in application & high quality products, unequivocally recommended. Thank You!" - Ian, France

"This is a great seller and they have great products. The magnetic bracelet really reduces pain for me!" - Ron, Erie, PA

"Great Product! It really works!" - Scott, Columbia, MS

"The best Copper Magnetic Bracelet I've ever had!" - Low, Marshall Islands

"The bracelet is awesome. My husband loves it." - Jennifer, Milton, FL

"Quick shipping and it is a beautiful piece of jewelry. Thanks!" - Tina, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

"Excellent, the jewelry is incredible and more than I expected." - Margaret, Salt Lake City, UT

"Better than described, fast shipping, highly recommended!" - Michelle, Tolleson, AZ

"This works well!" - Linda, Ashby, MN

"Excellent quality and the magnets were quite strong for their size. Thank you." - Gary, Cooper City, FL

"Fast shipping! I love the magnetic bracelets! Makes a great gift. I will be back. Thank you." - Nicole, Delano, MN

"Your Golf Magnetic Bracelet works like a MIRACLE. My left leg was really painful, but after wearing the bracelet, the pain is GONE! It is better than the much higher priced brand that I use to wear!" - John, Chehalis, WA

"My bracelet is a beautiful piece of jewelry." - Orest, Pottstown, PA

"These people are great to deal with. They went out of their way to make us happy." - Debra, Alberta, Canada

"I love my bracelet. Thank you so much. " - Becker, Manitoba, Canada

"Excellent quality bracelet at an excellent price! Highly recommended merchant" - Michael, Lancaster, CA

"This is a great dealer. They don't get better than these people." - Brian, Ontario, Canada

"I luv my bracelet! Well made and solid! Fast ship and good packaging!" - Barbara, British Columbia, Canada

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"Very nice bracelet. These are the BEST people! " - Jenny, Abilene, TX

"Thank you for this beautiful pain magnetic bracelet. I like it a lot." - Penney, Pacifica, CA

"Great bracelet! I love it!" - Sylvia, Ontario, Canada

"Nice bracelet. I look forward to buying from you again!" - Deborah, Hattiesburg, MS

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"I love the bracelets. Thanks!" - Barbara, Yuba City, CA

"Items arrived very quickly, & in excellent condition. I'm pleased." - Larry, Bend, OR

"I love my bracelet. Thank you." - Alisa, Westminster, CO

Reported effects and benefits from magnetic jewelry and magnet therapy products vary from person to person. Results that some people receive is no guarantee of results for others. While the statements above are actual statements from our customers, we make no health claims whatsoever.
The products we sell should only be used by adults and are not toys and should be kept from children and pets and kept whole and complete as sold and not as loose or detachable components.