Copper Bracelets With Magnets

Copper is a metal that has been prized for centuries for its distinctive, strikingly attractive color and for the healing properties it is believed to possess. Because copper acts as an excellent conductor of heat (just look at the bottom of many a French chef's pans!), it is often thought that this same conductivity can conduct therapeutic energies through the body. In addition, copper has long been considered an anti-inflammatory. For this reason, wearing copper bracelets with magnets is popular among people who suffer from strain, injury or chronic painful conditions such arthritis. The idea is that if copper or magnets alone may be therapeutic, then combining the two may prove even more beneficial.

Copper in jewelry The tensile strength of copper (or cuprum, to use its scientific name) is very high, which means that this beautiful softly orange colored metal can readily be worked into jewelry. Styles of copper bracelets commonly tend to be bangles or cuffs. The copper metal is sometimes hammered or imprinted with a braided or woven effect for a handsome appearance, and may be used alone or together with other materials such as silver, gold or brass. The magnets are set into the inside of the bracelet, where they will come into direct contact with your skin, as is recommended for best results. While the ultimate goal in wearing any copper bracelet is, of course, your physical well being, these bracelets are fine jewelry pieces, worthy of note for their good looks alone.

Copper and magnets A question may come to mind about using copper as a setting for magnets. Why insert the magnets into the bracelet? Why not just magnetize the metal itself? It is true some metals can be given a magnetic charge. However, it is usually quite weak and grows even weaker after some time has passed. In addition, although copper is a metal, it contains no iron, nickel or cobalt, elements necessary to make magnetism possible. Therefore magnetic discs are set into copper bracelets making them copper magnetic bracelets in an attempt to tap the healing powers of magnetism. Interestingly, some jewelry sold as therapeutic is made of hematite, the mineral form of ferrous (iron) oxide, which tends to have a natural magnetic force.

What to buy To experience the full effect of copper and magnets together, it is recommended to have both items in contact with your skin. So look for copper bracelets that are not lacquered or otherwise coated on the inside. Your alternative practitioner will most likely recommend a particular strength of magnet for you to use, measured in Gauss. Check and double check your wrist measurement so that you can buy a bracelet that fits, and choose a style that you can get on and off easily. Copper bracelets made of copper come in a range of prices, so find one that suits your budget. Click here for important information regarding magnets.