Copper Magnetic Bracelets For Men

With today's technology, including the popularity of text messages and the trend toward smaller and smaller tablets and other mobile devices, carpal tunnel syndrome caused by repetitive hand movements is becoming common in men. As well, many men are taking up sports like running or golf, for exercise and to escape from stress. Unfortunately, these activities can also lead to problems like repetitive strain injury. For relief from the pain of these and a host of other conditions, copper magnetic bracelets for men may be helpful. (Of course, you should first consult a doctor in any case of pain or injury.) Both copper and magnets are natural. They are safe for most men, although they should be avoided by anyone with an electronic implanted medical device of any kind such as a pacemaker, defibrillator, or insulin pump.

Choosing a copper magnetic bracelet Alternative health practitioners often recommend wearing magnets close to the site of the pain. Therefore, copper magnetic bracelets for men are a great idea if you have hand, wrist, arm, or shoulder pain. Even though they are worn on your wrist, they may also benefit other areas of your body, individual results tend to vary. It is not uncommon for a copper magnetic bracelet to help in areas of the body far from the wrist. When choosing a bracelet, look for neodymium magnets that have a gauss, or strength, rating of 1700 or higher. Made of a metal called neodymium, the magnets will come in the form of small discs that are set into the copper bracelet on the underside, closest to your skin. A fringe benefit of this positioning is its discretion. No one needs to know that you are undergoing magnet therapy.

The right fit Measure your wrist to ensure that the bracelet will be the right size for a comfortable fit. It is important to measure accurately, holding a measuring tape or string snugly against the skin on the side where you will be wearing the bracelet (especially important if that wrist is swollen). Record your wrist measurement in inches, including fractions, then order based on that size without adding extra. Most styles are available in a range of sizes for wrists of up to about 9 inches. Please be aware that there may be an additional charge for extra large sizes.

The right style There are many bracelets that have been designed exclusively for males, with large scale, rugged features. You'll find copper magnetic bracelets for men in both casual and more formal styles. Look at the different types on the market and choose a masculine style that suits your taste and your lifestyle. Just remember, the best style of magnetic bracelet is one that you will actually wear. Click here for important information regarding magnets.