How Can I Clean My Magnetic Jewelry?

Part of the beauty of using jewelry as a means of magnetic therapy is the attractiveness of the jewelry itself. If you are in pain or ill, wearing nice looking magnetic jewelry such as a bracelet, necklace, ring or anklet may lift your spirits and add to any health benefit the magnets may possibly bring.

To maintain the lovely appearance of your magnetic jewelry piece, pay attention to the correct methods of cleaning. First of all, take steps to keep your jewelry from getting dirty. Although users tend to notice the most benefit when they wear magnetic jewelry regularly, it is perfectly acceptable to take it off temporarily before performing messy tasks such as painting your home or cleaning the oven. Some people also remove their jewelry before showering or washing dishes, to avoid getting soap scum between the parts, but it is true that stainless steel magnetic jewelry is suited to getting wet. Should food or any other substance happen to spill on your jewelry, wipe it off immediately.

If, after an extended period of normal wear, you notice that your jewelry could use a freshening up, be sure to use the proper cleaning technique. This depends on the material your jewelry is made of. For stainless steel metal jewelry, wipe with a soft slightly damp cloth using mild soap, rinse the cloth, wipe off your jewelry and dry. For beaded jewelry, only when necessary, wipe with a lightly dampened cloth and then dry. You should with some regularity wipe clean the ends of the hematite magnet clasp to remove any dirt build up that may accumulate. Also be sure to keep your hematite magnetic jewelry as dry as reasonably possible.

It is also suggested that copper jewelry be removed when bathing as tap water may speed the possibility of patina. For copper jewelry, a copper cleaner can be used, but most people just let the copper age naturally without cleaning. Some copper cleaners contain harsh chemicals so letting copper age naturally or using a natural cleaning method is preferred. Click here for important information regarding magnets.