How to Choose the Right Magnetic Bracelet

In this day and age, more and more people are becoming attracted to complementary medicine and natural sources of healing. You may have heard of the great potential inherent in magnetic therapy for health problems, such as arthritis or migraine headaches, and would like to try it for yourself.

The remedial power of the magnets is said to be at its strongest when they are placed or worn in direct contact with the skin (although the magnets can also benefit other areas of the body at the same time). For this reason, a magnetic bracelet is often used, either as the source of magnetism in and of itself, or as a vehicle for a number of small magnets. The very popular magnetic bracelets can be quite attractive as well as functional.

Here are some suggestions to help choose the right bracelet for you. About the magnets Magnets can vary greatly in strength, which is often measured in terms of "Gauss". The higher the gauss, the higher the magnets strength. When considering magnetic bracelets that are made with neodymium rare earth magnets, studies suggest a gauss rating of 1700 or higher per magnet is preferred. At Magnet Jewelry Store, all the rare earth magnets in our magnetic bracelets and anklets and necklaces are 2000 gauss or higher and most are 3000 gauss or higher.

At Magnet Jewelry Store we offer custom sizing which will allow the magnets to touch your skin directly. So be sure to measure your wrist or ankle before ordering. Measure your wrist or ankle against the skin without adding extra, and order with that size against your skin. You can see more information regarding ordering the correct size on our size guide page. A word of caution: If you have any open sores on your skin, do not place magnets on that area.

Type of bracelet to wear You will find bracelets in a wide variety of metals and styles. Some of the most common metals used in magnetic therapy bracelets are tarnish free stainless steel, comfortably lightweight and strong. A copper magnetic bracelet, reputed to have healing qualities of its own, is also used, but can discolor the wearer's skin. Magnetic hematite which is close in nature to iron ore, is also popular and stylish, but should be kept dry. Other style considerations revolve around practicality. For example if you wish to wear your magnetic jewelry while you swim or bathe stainless steel jewelry may be a better option.

Fashionable appearance Another aspect of the bracelets is, quite simply, appearance. Of course a major reason why most people use magnetic jewelry is so they can wear their magnets as discreetly as possible when out in public. To this end, the jewelry tends to be designed to look like a trendy fashion accessory. Some magnetic bracelets are attractively set with stylish semi precious stones. There are handsome bracelet designs which are distinctively masculine in form. Keeping this in mind, choose a bracelet whose unique style complements your look. Click here for important information regarding magnets.