How to Fit And Wear A Magnetic Bracelet

When buying jewelry online, you may feel that you are taking a big chance on getting the right fit. You will find, though, that it is actually quite easy to order a magnetic bracelet in the correct size. Just be sure to carefully measure your wrist accurately. Use a flexible, soft measuring tape of the type utilized by dressmakers. Wrap it snugly around the part of your wrist where you will actually wear the bracelet and note the measurement in inches, including fractions of an inch. Do not let it hang loose or add extra. Alternatively, you can use a piece of string and then measure the length with a straight ruler. If you find this process too awkward, enlist the help of a friend or loved one.

Range of sizes Look through the photos and descriptions of magnetic bracelets. Once you have chosen the style of magnetic bracelet you like best, check size options that show the wrist sizes, which will generally be your actual wrist measurement. Link and beaded bracelets tend to come in a wide range of sizes, while bangles and open ended cuffs are usually available in a selection of small, medium and large. There may be a surcharge on bracelets made for larger wrist sizes; details will be spelled out for you in the size option itself. If you cannot find your exact size, go up to the next size if you prefer a slightly looser fit or go down to the lower size if you are happier with a slightly snugger fit. At MagnetJewelryStore.com, we send link style and hematite bracelets a bit larger than the wrist size you choose so they fit properly. For cuff style bracelets, select a size bracelet that includes your actual wrist size.

Wearing your magnetic bracelet In terms of which wrist to wear your magnetic bracelet on, there are a number of opinions. Some say that it is desirable to have the magnets in contact with the affected area, while others say that the magnets may be helpful whichever side they are on. It is true that often wearing a magnetic bracelet may help areas of your body beyond your hand, arm, and shoulder. Experiment wearing your bracelet/anklet on each wrist to test for best results. If one side has more discomfort, start on that side, otherwise start on your left wrist. Your alternative health practitioner may even advise wearing a magnetic bracelet on both wrists.

A few tips Comfort is key. As with so many other new items, you may order a magnetic bracelet with high hopes for its potential. However, there is no chance for it to make a difference if you don't wear it, so be sure to order a bracelet that fits well in a style you like. The positive effect of wearing a beautiful magnetic bracelet as opposed to a strictly medical device, can certainly make a difference. Click here for important information regarding magnets.