Is It Safe To Wear Magnetic Jewelry?

If you are considering using magnetic jewelry for its reported therapeutic effects, you are very wise to investigate in advance, as is advisable before undergoing any type of health treatment. While the use of magnetic jewelry is generally considered safe, and may in fact be beneficial if you suffer from various physical problems, read the following precaution carefully.

The products we sell should only be used by adults and are not toys and should be kept from children or pets and kept whole and complete as sold and not as loose or detachable components.  

Precaution: You should not use magnets if you have any sort of electronic implanted medical device such as a defibrillator, pacemaker, or insulin pump, or if you are pregnant. You should consult with your doctor before use and also if you have any questions about magnetic therapy and your health. In fact, it is recommended to check in with your family physician before starting any kind of alternative therapy or complementary medicine.

Magnetic jewelry or other forms of magnetic therapy should ever be used as a reason to delay or refuse medical treatment for any serious physical condition. With that being said, magnetic jewelry is completely safe for the majority of the population. In fact, it is sought out by many individuals with chronic painful conditions such as rheumatism or arthritis and many other conditions who wish to avoid the side effects sometimes associated with pharmaceutical pain remedies.

Natural, discreet and non-invasive, magnetic jewelry can be used as a form of self help or in conjunction with treatment by a practitioner of complementary medicine. Magnetic jewelry is a favored way of keeping the magnets next to the skin, as the jewelry is comfortable, convenient and good looking. Click here for important information regarding magnets.