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Sergio Lub Copper Bracelets

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We are proud to offer the world famous Sergio Lub copper bracelets. Sergio makes his bracelets in the United States the old fashion way using no plating or castings. He uses 99.9% pure copper which is the purest available. Finding copper this pure is more difficult than finding pure gold. To many styles Sergio then adds permanent rare earth neodymium magnets to his creations to add the benefits of magnetic therapy which turns his copper bracelets into magnetic copper bracelets. On the bottom of this page we also have a selection of Sergio's non magnetic copper bracelets. Copper has been used for health throughout recorded history. Since ancient times, people have crafted it to be worn for health to help reduce inflammation and pain. It is one of the friendliest elements and combines well with many others so Sergio can create wonderful works of art that can be worn in a healthful form that is easy to wear. The pictures do not do justice to these very special creations. We guarantee your satisfaction. These are truly the finest quality handmade magnetic copper bracelets on Earth!