Should I sleep with my magnetic jewelry?

Normally if it is comfortable to do so or if benefit is noticed, then yes, it is OK to wear your magnetic jewelry when you go to sleep. Of course it is important at the time of purchase to make sure that any magnetic jewelry you buy is comfortable for you. The best way to do this is, in the case of a bracelet or anklet, is to measure the circumference of your wrist or ankle carefully in order to find out your correct size. Once you have your correct wrist or ankle size, order with that size and do not add extra. You can see more information regarding ordering the proper size on our size guide page.

When trying the magnetic jewelry on, make sure that it does not bind or, at the other end of the scale, is too large. It should be comfortable, ideally with a majority of the magnets resting against your skin.

Magnet Jewelry Store does have many satisfied customers who report of their happy experiences with our magnetic therapy products, and many of those have advised they are glad to have their magnetic jewelry on when they sleep. Often we have been told that some customers conditions seem to worsen if they remove their magnetic jewelry for any period of time. Sometimes it may be after a very short period of time, while others have said it takes longer. This suggests that it may be quite desirable to keep the magnetic jewelry on at night if it is comfortable for you to do so.

For those that feel better when wearing magnetic jewelry, they often report that they are better able to sleep comfortably with less annoying wake ups throughout the night. Often they say it is because a particular part of their body is less of a problem, or others say, they don't know why, but it is just better for them. Still others may not notice a difference while sleeping. Many people are looking for a natural method to help them get the rest they need so urgently. Such people are especially encouraged to try sleeping with their magnetic jewelry on if it is comfortable to do so. Click here for important information regarding magnets.