Wearing More Than One Magnetic Bracelet

There are many people who wear a magnetic bracelet in the hope that it will help alleviate a painful chronic health problem. However, some others prefer to wear more than one magnetic bracelet at a time. Why do they do this? For a number of possible reasons. They may have been advised to do so by their complementary medicine practitioner. They may have found by experience that wearing more than one may be more beneficial than wearing just one. They also may be anxious to see whether the anecdotal reports on the healing properties of magnets will work for them.

For some people, after wearing a magnetic bracelet for some time, for chronic medical conditions, they may have become so enamored of it that they decided, "If one piece of magnetic jewelry is good, more may be better." To this end, they purchase additional magnetic bracelets, to wear either on the same arm or on both arms.

Which arm or leg should you wear your magnetic jewelry on? Whether you wear one or more magnetic bracelets or magnetic anklets, the question is similar, which arm or leg should the bracelets or anklets be worn on? In the case of a single magnetic bracelet or anklet, it makes sense to begin wearing it on the affected side first. If you do not have an effected side, try it on your left side to start. Regardless of which side you start on, if after a while, you do not notice a difference, try it on your other side. While wearing magnets on one part of your body(a magnetic bracelet on your wrist for example) may affect other areas of your body, such as the shoulder, neck, back, hips, and knees, the proximity of the magnet(s) to an area can also be a factor.

This can help to explain why a magnetic anklet or magnetic insoles or a magnetic knee wrap can sometimes have a greater impact than a magnetic bracelet in the legs, knees, ankles, and feet. Type of magnetic jewelry to wear Should you wish to increase the number of magnetic pieces you wear for any reason, you may prefer to consider trying a completely different type or types of magnetic jewelry.

For example, some people experiment by adding a magnetic necklace, and magnetic anklet and perhaps a ring to your their usual magnetic bracelet. The jewelry pieces can either match or contrast with each other, and can be a fashion forward or as inconspicuous as you choose. Or if you decide to stick with the bracelet and simply add to the number, you have many choices to choose from.

Cautions regarding your magnetic jewelry Some magnetic jewelry is well suited to getting wet, such as stainless steel magnetic jewelry, which is ok to wear while bathing and swimming if you wish. If you wear hematite magnetic jewelry, which is not well suited to water, it is best to remove all your hematite magnetic jewelry before bathing, swimming, or washing dishes.

You should wear your magnetic bracelets and jewelry with the magnets resting directly against the skin, but do not wear directly on top of sores or open wounds. Consult with your doctor before use of magnetic therapy and do not use magnets if you have an implanted medical device of any kind such as a pacemaker, a defibrillator or an insulin pump, or if you are pregnant. Always consult a reliable doctor of conventional medicine about any chronic condition you have, especially if there is a sudden change in the state of your health. Click here for important information regarding magnets.