Hematite Magnetic Bracelets

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Here is our exclusive line of high power hematite magnetic therapy bracelets. Our hematite magnetic bracelets are made with high power hematite magnets, super strong stainless steel jewelry wire, and either a 5000 gauss rare earth magnetic clasp, or a stainless steel lobster clasp, which is more suitable to getting wet than the magnetic clasp styles. We offer a wonderful variety that we make in the size of your choice so you can wear your hematite magnetic therapy bracelet comfortably. Order your hematite bracelet by actual wrist size, and we will custom make your therapy bracelet a bit larger than the wrist size you choose so it fits comfortably. Many people wear magnetic hematite for health and we carry a wonderful selection to suit many tastes. You can order a classic style, but we've also combined our hematite with other natural stones such as tiger's eye, garnet, amethyst, turquoise, red coral, malachite, mother of pearl, and goldstone (made from copper). Many are subtle or, if you want to make a fashion statement, you can choose a bolder hematite magnetic bracelet. We guarantee your satisfaction.