How should a magnetic bracelet be worn?

Comfort and practicality are the key words when considering how to wear a magnetic bracelet. Pay careful attention to your wrist size when you order. Take your wrist measurement with a soft tape measure. Do not add to your wrist size, and order based on your wrist size snugly against the skin. If the bracelet is too tight or too loose, it will not be comfortable and may even cause chafing of the skin. They may also be more likely to come off at un planned times when too large.

Ideally the bracelet is comfortable, not too tight or too loose. You will want the magnets to rest against your skin. The point is to help yourself feel better, not to add to your stress. In addition, if the magnetic bracelet is at all uncomfortable, you may lose your motivation to wear it. You certainly will not notice any therapeutic effect if the magnetic bracelet is sitting in a drawer!

As you move through your busy day, it is certainly best if you do not have to even think about your magnetic bracelet. So, for example, if you regularly swim or visit a mineral bath, you would be advised to purchase a bracelet made from a non-reactive metal; such as stainless steel, that way, you will not have to bother to remove it before entering the water. Even if you have a stainless steel bracelet, you may prefer not to wear it while doing tasks like washing dishes or gardening, to avoid the possibility of having to clean it afterwards; but this is up to you and a personal decision.

If you find it comfortable to do so, there is no need to take the bracelet off at night. If you have chosen a well fitting piece, you may wish to wear while you sleep. In fact, some satisfied users say that wearing a magnetic bracelet helps them to get a good night's sleep. Click here for important information regarding magnets.