Magnetic Jewelry and Therapy

Presenting a line of attractive, stylish and comfortable magnetic jewelry, you will look fashionable and feel great wearing one or more of these pieces. For many years magnetic therapy has been used on people suffering from a wide variety of health problems. Now it is available to you in a portable, lightweight form. You may enjoy the benefits of this natural treatment as you go about your normal daily routine. Choose from a selection of anklets, necklaces, bracelets or wraps in dressy or casual styles, including a number of handsome jewelry pieces for men.

How magnetic therapy can help you If you suffer from a chronic health condition such as arthritis, you most likely know what conventional medical treatment can and cannot do. Easy to purchase over the counter medication does provide some relief, which however is often short lived, and can have many side effects. Prescription drugs, while generally more effective, are costly and perhaps not available when you need them most. They can also have many side effects. Magnetic therapy offers you an alternative. Bodily function is dependent not only on chemical reactions but also on ions, or electro-chemicals, whose movement controls biological processes like muscle contractions and nervous reactions to stimuli such as pain. These ions may be affected by magnetic forces. It is believed that placing magnets on the human body may reduce pain and promote healing. What this means for you is a simple and inexpensive natural option.

Conditions that may benefit from magnetic therapy Pain management is high on the list of priorities for patients seeking alternative treatments. While conclusive testing has yet to be completed, magnetic treatment offers new hope to people who suffer from chronic complaints such as arthritis, rheumatism, sciatica, migraine or other headaches, painful joints, carpal tunnel syndrome, severe menstrual cramps, poor circulation, and many other conditions. In addition, therapy using magnets can be helpful in cases of injury, particularly sports related problems such as tennis elbow. Proponents claim even greater health benefits, such as healing of cuts, broken bones and infections; stress reduction and improved sleep; and possibly stopping or reversing the spread of cancerous tumors within the body. Of course, magnetic treatment is designed to be used only in conjunction with conventional medical care. Someone with an implanted electronic device such as a pacemaker or insulin pump, or anyone pregnant should not undergo magnet therapy.

Magnetic jewelry How exactly does magnetic jewelry fit in with magnet therapy? Because magnetic therapy relies on positioning magnets in direct contact with the patient's body, jewelry is the ideal vehicle; it generally rests on the wearer's skin, and thus can hold therapeutic magnets comfortably in place. You can wear the magnetic jewelry for days or even extended periods of time, according to your practitioner's recommendation. Rather than looking awkward and out of place, the magnets are in the form of an accessory that actually enhances your appearance. Click here for important information regarding magnets.