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Magnetic Therapy Shoe Insoles

Magnetic Therapy Shoe Insoles
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Product Description

This is a set of 2 top quality magnetic shoe insoles for either men's or women's shoes. We are proud to say we have improved our very popular magnetic shoe insoles. They are still the same great magnetic insoles at the core, but we have made improvements. Starting September 2014 we have removed the nodules and also added a fabric to make them more comfortable. We have also increased the magnetic power about 30%. Included is one for each foot. The entire insoles are magnetic and have complete magnetic coverage. The insoles come as a men's shoe size 12 & 13 and have cut marks for men's shoe sizes from 7 to 11 and for women's shoe sizes 5 to 10. These magnetic shoe insoles are made for typical shoes which have a solid structure. To prevent excess wear, wearing in other footwear such as molded crocs, soft slippers, or sandals is not suggested

Product Reviews for Magnetic Therapy Shoe Insoles

Magnetic Therapy Shoe Insoles5Maurice PoetMarch 31, 2017Have been wearing about a week. Just ordered my wife a pair. they work for both of us. I would recommend them to everyone
Magnetic Therapy Shoe Insoles4MaryAugust 18, 2016I can't put these insoles in my shoes right now for reasons I don't want to explain here, but I do have them on the floor under my dining table and every time I eat a meal, I take off my shoes and rest my feet on the insoles. Even in that short of time with them each day, I've noticed a reduction in my neuropathy pain at night when I go to bed. I look forward to when I can put them in my shoes full-time.
Magnetic Therapy Shoe Insoles5Gary WagnerJuly 4, 2016I have used the magnetic insoles for one week, and I am very pleased. I stand on a concrete floor for 6 hours and my feet always hurt by end of shift. I have had no pain this week and I am extremely happy with the product
Magnetic Therapy Shoe Insoles5JimBeaman/Debbie ReynoldsJune 7, 2016Purchased for my lady who is on her feet 12/14 hours a day and she loves them,me I use them also in all my shoes must keep the iron in the blood moving.
Magnetic Therapy Shoe Insoles5RonJanuary 28, 2016My feet have felt much better since trying these and the cut to fit was easy, just had to match my orignal shoe insoles inserts to cut these to size.
Magnetic Therapy Shoe Insoles5JeanJanuary 20, 2016Have been struggling for 5 years with plantar fasciitis . Have been using magnetic insoles for 6 months and have felt no pain since. I am a true believer that Magnetic Therapy works !!
Magnetic Therapy Shoe Insoles5Eli FinneyDecember 8, 2015I am diabetic and also have neuropathy in both feet. I purchased the magnetic therapy shoe insoles, hoping it might help. It has greatly helped both feet , it feels like more circulation is there now, also I have been having a lot of pain in my legs, its hard to believe but the pain has greatly subsided and I have a much more restful feeling in both legs, I am also wearing the magnetic ankle bracelet on my left ankle because I was having a lot of pain in my left ankle. The pain has subsided and am feeling much better. Thanks for the magnetic therapy.
Magnetic Therapy Shoe Insoles5Georgeann MercerNovember 16, 2015Hi,I have used magnetic therapy for 10 years,I was on a trip with friends and a group of other travelers,i was complaining about neck pain from having my camera around my neck there was an asian couple who heard me and said she could take care of the pain she pulled out 4 tiny magnets and some 3m tape and taped them to the area that was hurting within one hour i felt relief i have been buying magnets ever since some as rings for my fingers which relives the pain and other are just mag. taped on the pain and it takes care of this to,if it starts to hurt while i am wearing the mag.I just press on the mag.for a few seconds.I recommend whoe ever has this type of pain to invest in this inexpensive method to try.I have recommended this to some of my friends and it worked for some but not for everyone but when you think about drugs this also has been shown not to work in some people.I will continue to buy these as long as they continue to work for me.again for the price you pay its worth a try.
Magnetic Therapy Shoe Insoles5Barbara FisherOctober 22, 2015I have seen a difference in wearing the insoles for a week but not as much as I would like to have. I have not had as good of results with the insoles as I have with the bracelet and necklace I have ordered but think I might have more going on then just sore feet. With that being said I can tell you I had ordered insoles for my brother and nephew and they love theirs. Both say their feet and legs are not as tired or sore at the end of the day. So overall-success!!!
Magnetic Therapy Shoe Insoles5Debbie BinnerSeptember 21, 2015I am very pleased and happy with my purchase of my new magnetic insoles from your store. They arrived quickly with no problems. I was able to take them right out of the package cut them to my size using your very handy lines on the insoles and put them right in my shoes and wear them to work. I had missed having good magnetic insoles and I was very excited when I able to get them in my shoes and wear them for a 10 hour shift at work. I have been a big believer in magnetic insoles for many years and I tell many people about it. Thank you for changing your design and listening to your customers. these are really wonderful and feel great and do so much better at keeping my feet comfortable and pain free during long hours at work on my feet. Thanks you for a great product at a reasonable price. Sincerely,
Magnetic Therapy Shoe Insoles5Patrick C. O'LearyAugust 26, 2015They Work !!! Feet do not Hurt! Wear jogging/Hiking type shoes when working on projects. Walking on concrete and asphalt for hours. Feet would hurt after. Not anymore !! Am ordering a pair for my golf shoes. Sore feet will be in the past !!
Magnetic Therapy Shoe Insoles5Jon VenableAugust 19, 2015I have suffered for 10 years with condition call plantar fasciatis. I have even had foot surgery to ease the pain from the condition that brought about from being an athlete. I have worn the magnetic insoles for a week and I have notice a huge difference in my pain level. I will continue to wear them
Magnetic Therapy Shoe Insoles5JoeAugust 14, 2015I think these insoles are great they really help my feet . Less ache and pains from being on my feet all day . Would highly recommend !
Magnetic Therapy Shoe Insoles4Valerie CJune 19, 2015Ordered the sole inserts as my 66 year old husband still works full time and stands on a cement floor for 7 to 9 hours a day.
Magnetic Therapy Shoe Insoles5A J LimbrickJune 10, 2015The product that is being shipped at this time is very poor. I have ordered for many years, this is a different kind of insole, than I have ever received in the past. The past insoles were great. This last order came on the 10th of May and they were cracking and coming apart by the 5th of June! I will not be ordering these again. Reply By MJS: As stated above, the insoles have been this improved way since September 2014. They have been improved as per our customer requests. They are the same great base material with about 30% stronger magnetism, the bumps have been removed, and material has been added for comfort. These are shoe insoles and should be used in shoes. After our conversation we understand you were not using them in shoes. We have sent you a replacement pair. Please use them in shoes.
Magnetic Therapy Shoe Insoles5Roy CramMay 17, 2015I am quite happy with my magnetic insoles. We have used similar (and more expensive) ones in the past, and these seem just as good. They were easy to cut and adjust. I believe they increase my energy levels, and make my feet feel good too. I think anyone with foot problems ought to give them a try.
Magnetic Therapy Shoe Insoles5Roger AdkinsMay 7, 2015The magnetic insoles are a great product I was a bit skeptical I ordered 2 pair one for my brother-in-law and the other for myself. He has used them before and told me about them. They work good my feet feel better at work. The only problem I have is I have a wide foot and need a 13 E the insoles slip right in but a bit to narrow.
Magnetic Therapy Shoe Insoles4Carole HawkinsApril 9, 2015This product is awesome for clearing up the pain in my feet, but I have an issue with the size. I cut down to the size 8 that I wear, and found they were not big enough for the shoe, causing toe discomfort. I will reorder and not cut them down so much. Could be the style of the shoe. Reply By MJS: We provide clear instructions and the insoles have clear cut marks showing where to cut. Please contact us directly so we can help.
Magnetic Therapy Shoe Insoles5CMDecember 8, 2014Love these inserts. I have felt the difference in my arch where I've had great pain. Many years ago I was having problems but could only find a 4" strip for shoes and they worked good but they wore out. Didn't have any pain until lately but couldn't find anything until now. I have told others about these and they want to order them. Life without pain is wonderful.
Magnetic Therapy Shoe Insoles5Jaya KoolaAugust 12, 2014I rate these a 5 of 5.
Magnetic Therapy Shoe Insoles5Robert DuboisJuly 2, 2014Since suffering a stroke, my wife has had recurring pains in her feet and lower legs. Because of having success with her magnetic belt wrap for her back pain, she decided to try magnetic shoe insoles for her feet and lower legs. The insoles have provided relief and she now wears them daily. When ordering, she was hesitant that the massaging nodules might be uncomfortable but that is not the case. The belt wrap takes care of her back pain and the insoles takes care of her feet and leg pain...mama is now happy! Reply By MJS: Starting in September 2014, we have removed the bumps and added fabric to make them more comfortable.
Magnetic Therapy Shoe Insoles5Cheryl HurlbertMay 16, 2014I found them to be comfortable,true to size and have helped provide support for my back. I would recommend these to anyone who is looking for an affordable solution for pain in legs, feet, or spine.
Magnetic Therapy Shoe Insoles5Lewis WalterMay 8, 2014Almost instant relief from arthritic pain in my legs & feet. Wouldn't be without them.
Magnetic Therapy Shoe Insoles5Carol GrausMarch 5, 2014I have enjoyed this product greatly, my feet have quit hurting being on them for long periods of time. thank you.
Magnetic Therapy Shoe Insoles4JamesMarch 5, 2014After messing up the left sole, I was able to cut the right one ok. Repaired the left one with my R/C glues that were on hand so I was able to salvage it.Maybe dot your foot size lines first with white out so you don't loose track of cut. Reply By MJS: We sent you a message offering to help. Let us know if we can help.
Magnetic Therapy Shoe Insoles5Louis CalandraFebruary 25, 2014Had to cut them down 1/2", so far so good
Magnetic Therapy Shoe Insoles5Naomi RoyFebruary 16, 2014My feet don't ache !!!!
Magnetic Therapy Shoe Insoles5PatriciaJanuary 27, 2014They really help. I'm on my feet all day and noticed a difference the first week. Very comfortable. I recommended them to my family. Gave them 5 stars.Thanks!
Magnetic Therapy Shoe Insoles5PatJanuary 3, 2014Bought these for my 37 year old son as a Christmas gift. Unfortunately for him he seems to have inherited my arthritis and problem feet. After wearing the insoles for a couple of days in his work shoes he told me he thinks his feet and ankles feel better. That is a definite plus because we live in the northeast where we are having all the cold weather. Cold weather and arthritis are not friends, but if they help a little bit they are well worth the price. Thanks for the product.....
Magnetic Therapy Shoe Insoles5Janet HornDecember 27, 2013I just can't believe they have helped my knee pain, But they really have! Awesome product, I would order the Magnetic shoe insoles again.Thank you
Magnetic Therapy Shoe Insoles4Alan KirkmanNovember 11, 2013i can tell that my feet at not so ache !
Magnetic Therapy Shoe Insoles5Robert BassSeptember 29, 2013They wotk great I could tell a differences the first day
Magnetic Therapy Shoe Insoles5Kathleen MSeptember 19, 2013I like the insoles. I think the magnets work. I went for a 10 mile hike the other day and I used to get pains in my knees when I walk sometimes but that day I didn't. The only thing I don't like are the little massaging bumps. Sometimes they feel like stones in my shoes. But it could just be the way I walk. My husband says I turn my feet in or something like that as the heels on my shoes wear unevenly. I have recommended them to my friends. Thank you p.s. you can give it 5 stars! Reply By MJS: Starting in September 2014, we have removed the bumps and added fabric to make them more comfortable.
Magnetic Therapy Shoe Insoles5Ruth SchachtAugust 27, 2013They work well.
Magnetic Therapy Shoe Insoles5Roy G.August 25, 2013I am a type-2 diabetic, and I had serious nerve pain in my feet, prior to using these inserts. It had gotten so bad that I could not sleep at night. Since I been using theses inserts, I can feel a significant improvement in , not only my feet, but my ankles and legs also. There is virtually no pain, when I wear these inserts, and I can sense better sensation in my toes. I also sleep with these inserts in my socks. Cool!! As of today, I am no longer a doubting Thomas.
Magnetic Therapy Shoe Insoles5DianeJuly 22, 2013The most comfortable innersoles I have ever used. I also got a pair for my son who is in his feet all day. I had them just two days after I ordered them and they cost less than the "fancy" innersoles sold at shoe stores.
Magnetic Therapy Shoe Insoles5Burt WJune 12, 2013Excellent - I have recommended it to my friends and racquetball players. Thank you!
Magnetic Therapy Shoe Insoles5Ron SMay 7, 2013Work Great for me
Magnetic Therapy Shoe Insoles5DonApril 11, 2013I have to say that I was the ultimate skeptic. After a friend of mine insisted that I try magnetic insoles, I said, "Why Not". I cut them up for my feet and instantly, I felt the 'bumps' begin massaging my feet. I work on a cement floor all day and by day 2, I could literally feel the energy in my step. I'm not paid to say this, but these insoles, coupled with my magnetic knee support wraps have reduced my feet fatigue and my knee pain to ZERO. These are truly the best products ever invented. Thank You! Reply by MJS: Starting in September 2014, we have removed the bumps and added fabric to make them more comfortable.
Magnetic Therapy Shoe Insoles5Colleen WalkerApril 8, 2013I love these inner soles! I am probably going to order at least 2 more pairs for my other sneakers so I don't have to keep changing them from shoe to shoe. I have heel spurs, plantar fasciitis, and tarsel tunnel in both feet. I have been treating them for over 2 yrs. now. I think that these inner soles have helped a lot. I have less pain when walking and they make my feet feel so much better with shoes on. I was desperate, tried every kind of shoe insert, cushion, over the counter orthotic. This was, by far, my best purchase! Thank you!
Magnetic Therapy Shoe Insoles5Mary AnsonMarch 29, 2013I bought these for my older sister who doesn't have access to the internet, and I just gave them to her yesterday. Since then she has left 3 messages on my answering machine telling me that she just loves them and wants me to order 2 more sets for her. 5 star rating.
Magnetic Therapy Shoe Insoles5Connie DodsonMarch 18, 2013I have tumors on my arches and the magnetic insoles have shrunk them to half the size they were. I had the tumors removed to the tune of $3,000 each. They came back. The Dr. didn't tell me to prevent them fromcoming back the section of foot had to be removed. By wearing the innersoles, I can no longer wear high heals but I still have my whole foot/feet and the tumors don't hurt because of wearing the innersoles.
Magnetic Therapy Shoe Insoles4Sandra TraskDecember 11, 2012I feel they are helping some. Give me a little more energy.
Magnetic Therapy Shoe Insoles5MarkDecember 8, 2012These insoles are great. I have arthritis in my left foot from many years of driving a big rig (clutch foot) and standing/working on cement warehouse floors. I've worn these only 3 days and the pain is virtually gone! Amazing product.
Magnetic Therapy Shoe Insoles5Michael ButlerSeptember 18, 2012I was a long user of your competition. I am very happy with these!
Magnetic Therapy Shoe Insoles5Gary marquardtSeptember 14, 2012I order shoe insoles and ankle bracelet they really work I am thinking about ordering more for my daughter.
Magnetic Therapy Shoe Insoles5MkeSeptember 6, 2012I'm a golfer age 72 and I live in Florida, where its quite hot and humid. I play at least four times a week. These Magnetic Insoles really help me maintain my energy without any fatigue. I call it life after 70. Thanks, Mike
Magnetic Therapy Shoe Insoles5lisaAugust 22, 2012love them,
Magnetic Therapy Shoe Insoles5JimJuly 29, 2012I have less foot discomfort now. Good stuff!
Magnetic Therapy Shoe Insoles5Susan OversMay 15, 2012I love these, I have knee problems and I have a pair for my work shoes and tennis shoes. If you have any feet or lower leg problems these are a must
Magnetic Therapy Shoe Insoles5Barbara MillsMay 14, 2012My husband is a debetic and his feet are quite a factor. He uses the insoles and he does get some relief. He is in the beginning stages of diebetis so he is still trying to adjust.
Magnetic Therapy Shoe Insoles5EricMay 14, 2012Delivered promptly, good quality, much less expensive than the "other' brand, immediate relief of my neck pain though I also used other magnetic products at the same time.
Magnetic Therapy Shoe Insoles5Suze - OaklandMay 2, 2012After my friend told me about magnetic insoles I did a search on line and found this site. I promptly ordered a pair for me and one for my husband. Within 2 days he said the pain in his heel was gone. For me, the greatest benefit has been to my feet. Cold feet is now only in my past, or I should say only when I am wearing shoes that don't have these insoles. At this price, I can afford to buy several pair to put in most of my shoes. They are wonderful.
Magnetic Therapy Shoe Insoles5Annie M.April 11, 2012Delivery was quick and product Quality is great. I had not purchased from this company before. I have been using magnetic insoles for many years. These are a replacement pair. I have arthritis in my knees and am on my feet +/- 12 hrs a day and the magnetic insoles help with circulation. I also wear a magnetic anklet and bracelet.
Magnetic Therapy Shoe Insoles5AlanApril 10, 2012I have worn more expensive brands for years. No more. These are as Good, as Comfortable and as Efficient, but cost Much Less. Great Product and Great Service from a Great Company. I Highly Recommend Them To All!
Magnetic Therapy Shoe Insoles5Jim RottinghausMarch 10, 2012I have used magnetic insoles for over 15 years, A different brand that cost almost 3 times more, this product works as well and I will find out how long they last before they come apart.
Magnetic Therapy Shoe Insoles5jay de biltMarch 5, 2012i wear these soles in my golfshoes. no heel pain anymore. fantastic !!
Magnetic Therapy Shoe Insoles5Keth BakerFebruary 21, 2012I am wearing the magnetic insoles right now .I have found that a lot of the foot pain swelling and inflammation are gone .I tell people about the advantages of magnet therapy ,but not many listen .so I will just have to enjoy them myself and realize that those too stupid to try something will lose out.
Magnetic Therapy Shoe Insoles5LMKJanuary 16, 2012I have not gone a day without the insoles. I keep placing them into my other shoes... What a fabulous feeling..thanks so much lmk.. NYC
Magnetic Therapy Shoe Insoles5Anna AyresJanuary 14, 2012These insoles make my feet and legs feel so much better. I'm not nearly as tired as I used to be. I'm going to have to buy some more of these! Thank you for a quality product at a reasonable price!^_^
Magnetic Therapy Shoe Insoles2tinaJanuary 11, 2012didnt improve mt pain in my feet actully they gotten worse. i guess theses are not the right ones for me. Reply by MJS: Sometime initially the added circulation brings more feeling to the area.
Magnetic Therapy Shoe Insoles5Cork KizerDecember 4, 2011I am very pleased with my insoles. Most of the time I am very skeptical of these types of things. One of the members of our MS Support Group had been wearing these for years and told me about them. She brought an extra pair to a meeting and explained them to me. I do have better circulation and these have helped my balance greatly. I ordered a pair right away and was pleased with the fast service. The only complaint I have is that I have to keep switching them from different shoes. I am ready to order 2 more pairs of lthe great product. Thanksyou so much...
Magnetic Therapy Shoe Insoles5Cheryl AbbottNovember 28, 2011My husband started wearing these last week and asked me to buy another pair so he doesn't have to keep moving them from one pair of shoe to the other. He said his foot pain is gone. They really work. Thanks.
Magnetic Therapy Shoe Insoles5Rob BurkhartNovember 16, 2011Happy with the service, shipping was fast too.
Magnetic Therapy Shoe Insoles5Harry HeflinOctober 3, 2011Haven't had product long enough to report any results, but ordering, shipping and receipt of product was very prompt. Actually was the fastest I have received anything ordered on line. Thanks for the great service.
Magnetic Therapy Shoe Insoles5Kate BAugust 30, 2011I'm 65 y.o., and wearing thesr insoles has given me better circulation in my feet and legs. I also feel more energetic. Thanks!!!!
Magnetic Therapy Shoe Insoles5Angela GAugust 18, 2011I am very pleased with the magnetic jewelry and the magnetic insoles, all items I saw for more money. Thank you for your merchandise...It is wearing well..and I enjoy them..
Magnetic Therapy Shoe Insoles5Chardelle JenkinsJuly 14, 2011So far these seem to help. Its worth a try to anyone that has problems with your feet.
Magnetic Therapy Shoe Insoles5Diane YunckMay 11, 2011I''ve been wearing these for about 6 months now (just purchased my 2nd & 3rd pair). I have had severe pain and many medical procedures over the last year due to plantar fasciitis & heel spurs. Although some things seemed to help some, nothing was good enough for me to get around on my feet for more than about 30 minutes at a time. Since wearing these insoles (which I wear all of the time when up and in shoes) I am able to walk almost mormally for longer periods of time without much, if any, pain. This was a last resort, as my husband scoffed at the idea; however, the insoles have been a big blessing to me!
Magnetic Therapy Shoe Insoles5Peggy BowmanApril 13, 2011The service was great. I have enjoyed wearing them in any shoe I want.
Magnetic Therapy Shoe Insoles5John PartridgeMarch 26, 2011The insoles are very comfortable to wear. They are easy to remove and place in whatever type of shoes you are wearing. I ordered them and they came about three days later in the mail.
Magnetic Therapy Shoe Insoles5JacquelineMarch 25, 2011I purchased the insoles for my husband and he is very pleased with them. His feet and legs feel more energize and the pain he was experiencing in his right foot, he no longer complains about. He is constantly on his feet at work and he has defintely noticed a tremendous improvement due to the insoles. I also purchased a magnectic bracelet for him and it was the best purchase I could have made to keep his energy level at a constant pace. I wll continue to shop here!
Magnetic Therapy Shoe Insoles5LindaDecember 5, 2010I am very happy with the insoles. The delivery of the product was very quick and I am a very pleased customer and will order again.
Magnetic Therapy Shoe Insoles5Renate von LissenNovember 16, 2010I love them. You feel like walking on air! I have been wearing them for the last 10 years and my old ones finally gave out!!
Magnetic Therapy Shoe Insoles5Allanh LevyNovember 14, 2010Thanks for the insoles. Delivery was very fast and I don't go anywhere without them.
Magnetic Therapy Shoe Insoles5Vonya HolmesNovember 8, 2010Believe it or not, this has really helped me during long standing hours of work and I can really feel the difference with my legs!
Magnetic Therapy Shoe Insoles5MadelineNovember 4, 2010I definitely felt an improvement in the poor circulation in my toes. I will keep these in my shoes always as I do believe they help.
Magnetic Therapy Shoe Insoles5Rami HannaOctober 27, 2010I just love these insoles. I wear these everyday in my socks (I don't wear shoes in the house). I had an operation on one foot and it always hurt. Now I don't even notice my foot. So, thank you.
Magnetic Therapy Shoe Insoles3Kemmie BaylissOctober 26, 2010Your company did a wonderful job shipping my item to me. Also, I had a question and you all replied right away with the answers. I am somewhat disappointed with my purchase. The reason I purchased my insoles was that after seeing my friends insoles from another company I tried hers and then wanted some for myself. When comparing the two insoles her insoles are definitely a thicker magnet. I believe that will make a difference in its effectiveness due to the guass contained within the magnets. Thank you for letting me share my thoughts. Reply by MJS: Have you actually tried the insoles. Why not try before you decide what you think of them. Our insoles are made so that the entire surface is a magnet. We are glad to accept return or exchange if you wish.
Magnetic Therapy Shoe Insoles5Nancy TeresiOctober 21, 2010I would rate all these products that I received with the highest 5 star. I know magnets may not be the answer for everyone, but I will give them a try. I am really happy with the looks and price of your products. I know for some people it takes more time to feel results, I am noticing a difference.
Magnetic Therapy Shoe Insoles3Lois KOctober 21, 2010Too soon to tell.
Magnetic Therapy Shoe Insoles5LeroySeptember 21, 2010I now have 4 prs.I would not be able to go on walks if it were not for these magnetic insoles.Thank you MagnetJewelry store.. 5 ***** all the way/
Magnetic Therapy Shoe Insoles5LeroySeptember 4, 2010My wife had a pr. of magnetic insoles that she bought at some sale ,they layed around the house for a couple yrs. I was having trouble wareing shoes for more than a couple hrs. because of neurophathy.I put them in shoes and wore the shoes all day.Icould not beleive what they did for my feet.I went online and found these Magnetic shoe Insoles and bought two pr. I just got back from Alaska fishing and they saved my fishing trip because I was able to stand up and fish for 10 hrs .aday I am ordering two more prs. now Thank you Magnetic Jewery store.. 5 stars *****
Magnetic Therapy Shoe Insoles5JulieJuly 17, 2010love 'em
Magnetic Therapy Shoe Insoles1Gene FowlerJune 24, 2010Did not notice anything different, all the insoles did was to stink up my shoes with a weird chemical smell. Repy by MJS: I see you have not had very long. Better to give more time. Also try keeping out in the air for a time. If you are not happy, we are glad to exchange or refund.
Magnetic Therapy Shoe Insoles5Pat KingstonJune 10, 2010I really like the MSIs and feel they are VERY helpful. I've had problems w/my feet the past several years, and the MSIs have been such a blessing - no problems!! 5 *s!!
Magnetic Therapy Shoe Insoles1royMay 20, 2010do not know if magnets work because insoles are very uncomfortable. They are rubbery and make your feet very hot and uncomfortable, maybe if they has a fabric exterior they woulld be tolerable. Reply by MJS: Most people wear them with socks or stockings. New in Sept 2014, we have added fabric as you asked. We are glad to exchange or refund.
Magnetic Therapy Shoe Insoles5Pat KingstonMay 19, 2010I was given a pair of magnetic Shoe Insoles years ago, but had difficulty wearing them. Then a few years ago I was diagnosed with Morton's Neuroma. Then last year had a L. knee replacement and waiting for the rt. knee replacement. I decided to use these inserts and my foot & leg pain has lessened considerably!! I use them in all my shoes now.
Magnetic Therapy Shoe Insoles5melinda higginbothamMay 18, 2010Being in retail means on your feet your entire shift with little time to sit down and put feet up. Since ordering the insoles I have found that my legs and feet don't hurt at the end of the day as with other insoles. I have tried others but these I have found to be wonderful in helping to alleviate the pain I had in my feet and legs before.
Magnetic Therapy Shoe Insoles5CarolMay 7, 2010I really like my insoles. I was having trouble with one foot and now it feels a lot better. I am glad I bought these insoles. I would recommend them to others.
Magnetic Therapy Shoe Insoles5Carl BrysonApril 19, 2010They work.
Magnetic Therapy Shoe Insoles5Kevin DensmoreApril 10, 2010The first pair of these lasted over five years. I recently replaced them with a new pair and am extremely satisfied with the quality and the price. Thank you for offering such a great product!
Magnetic Therapy Shoe Insoles5Estelle GrayFebruary 5, 2010These were purchased for my daughter that works at costco. She loved them until she wore them to work. She said with all the walking on the concrete floor the bumps made her feet sore. Reply By MJS: Starting September 2014, we have removed the bumps.
Magnetic Therapy Shoe Insoles5EileenJanuary 21, 2010I walk 3 miles a day and WOW what a difference on my feet...
Magnetic Therapy Shoe Insoles5Debbie BeckJanuary 21, 2010I am on cement floors 8 hours a day.. I purchased the insoles and in 4 days, the bottom of my feet quit hurting... Great price and good quality..
Magnetic Therapy Shoe Insoles5SinzigDecember 29, 2009I am very happy with this product it is the best magnetic power you could wear under your feet - i have more power in doing sport, really. You can cut the insoles like you want- that is pretty cool, and the best is i ordered the magnetic insoles from Germany on 24 decemeber 2009 and they arrived on 29 december, no shipping cost. They are reallly 5 stars.
Magnetic Therapy Shoe Insoles5JeanNovember 20, 2009I believe they are helping me walk a lot better. the price was right. Thanks.
Magnetic Therapy Shoe Insoles5SharonOctober 29, 2009First, I loved the price. They are exactly like ones priced at $49.95. I haven't worn them enough to be sure but I think they are helping. I've used magnetic wrist wraps for years and they truly help my arthritus.
Magnetic Therapy Shoe Insoles5Sally JasterOctober 25, 2009I walk three miles everyday and I can tell my feet do not hurt nearly as much as before when I finish my walk. I have started leaving my shoes with the magnetic insoles on all day as my feet feel much better.
Magnetic Therapy Shoe Insoles5JillApril 23, 2009These work and feel great
Magnetic Therapy Shoe Insoles - 4.8 rating (based on 104 reviews)

Magnetic Therapy Shoe Insoles

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